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My name is Jetser Carasco. Let me tell you about myself.


  • Math major and computer science.
  • 10 years experience teaching math.
  • Retired from the classroom, but not retired from teaching.
  • Author of two math books

           1 Illustrated fractions 

           2.  Algebra book 

  • Math Software developer and webmaster

            My other website will teach you math like

            have never seen it before.

            Visit my math website.


  • Strong background in physics.

I will get you the help you need with physics. If you take your time to read my lessons, you will understand physics and you will be able to do your physics homework.


Married, father of three, and enjoying some sunshine in 

Florida. I like to travel when I get a chance to experience other

cultures and enjoy food.

I dedicate this website to my wife, my father, my mom, and myself. 

How did you end up here on my website? 

It all started with a passion for teaching , determination, and a strong desire to be free from a full time job.

Today I am free from a full time job with plenty of time to spend with my wife and see my  children growing.

Having said that, It would not be possible  to achieve what I have done in life without SiteSell.

SiteSell gives you everything you need to start and maintain a website.

All you need is a hobby or something you are knowledgeable  and passionate about. Then, turn that knowledge into a website. 

This video will explain how regular people like me and many others have been able to build a successful business with SiteSell. 

Thank you visiting my website  and for trusting me with your needs in physics.

To get started, read the lessons about linear motion and then try to work your way from top to bottom.

The lessons are organized to follow a progressive and logical pattern.

Again, great help with physics can be found on this website.

However, I cannot help you if you don't help yourself.

You need to believe in yourself and be persistent. This is the secret to success!  

If you don't see a lesson, be patient. I will update this website regularly. In the meantime, keep reading what you see and try to understand it.

I wish you the best!

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