Series circuit quiz

Take the series circuit quiz below to see how well you understand series circuit. After completing this quiz with 100% accuracy, you will know exactly how the current, the voltage, and the resistors behave in a series circuit. You will not need to use a paper and pencil to complete this quiz.

First, read the lesson about series circuit and then take this quiz.

Objective of the series circuit quiz:

  • Know how the current behaves in a series circuit
  • Know how the voltage behaves in a series circuit
  • Know how the resistor behaves in a series circuit
  • Know how to apply Ohm's law to find the current going through the circuit.
  • Know what a voltage drop is.
  • Find the current in the circuit
Test your knowledge with the quiz below:

1. The number of pathways the current can flow in a series circuit is equal to


2. A series circuit usually has

1 device
more than 2 devices
no more more than 20 devices
at least 2 devices.

3. A series circuit has 2 resistors and 4 lamps. The current in the circuit is 3 amperes. The current in one of the lamps is

3 amperes
2 amperes
4 amperes
1 ampere

4. The current in a circuit is 5 amperes. 1 resistor is added to the circuit. The current will

stay the same
increase by a tiny bit
None of the above

5. A circuit has 20 resistors with the same resistance. Let n represent the resistance of 1 resistor. The total resistance is

20 - n
20 ÷ n
20 + n
20 * n

6. When the voltage is different in one of the devices in the series circuit, the circuit is experiencing

a decrease in the flow of current
a voltage drop
an increase in resistance
All the above

7. A series circuit is powered by a 20 volts battery. If there are two resistors with resistances equal to 1.5 Ohms and 3.5 Ohms. What is the current in the circuit?

5 amperes
4 amperes
20 amperes
10 amperes

8. In a series circuit, the voltage at the source is equal to the sum of all individual voltage drop at each device

It depends on the resistor used

9. This device allows or stops the flow of current in a circuit

Short circuit
Circuit breaker

10. What happens to the current if the values of all resistors are doubled?

The current stays the same
The current is doubled
The current is halved
The current is quartered

Score =

I strongly recommend you try your very best to complete this series circuit quiz on your own. Resist the urge to see the answers. Review the lesson about series circuit again. However, if you still cannot get 100% on your own, click here to see the answers.

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