Temperature quiz

Take the temperature quiz below to see how well you understand the concept of temperature. After completing this quiz with 100% accuracy, you will know exactly what we mean by temperature in physics terms. You will not need to use a paper and pencil to complete this quiz.

First, read the lesson about temperature and then take this quiz.

Objective of the temperature quiz:

  • Know what standard temperature is.
  • Know what temperature will freeze or boil water.
  • Know the scale used to measure temperature.
  • Match situations with it corresponding temperature.
  • Understand temperature in terms of kinetic energy.
  • Know what the Kelvin scale is.
Test your knowledge with the quiz below:

1. A standard temperature is

A temperature used in the UK
The temperature that will freeze water
A temperature of 40 degrees Fahrenheit
A temperature that can boil an egg.

2. The temperature at which water will boil is

100 degrees Fahrenheit
0 degree Celsius
100 degrees Celsius.
0 degree Fahrenheit.

3. 32 degrees Fahrenheit corresponds to

10 degrees Fahrenheit
10 degrees Celsius
0 degree on the Kelvin scale
0 degree Celsius

4. The temperature that will freeze water is

32 degrees Fahrenheit
32 degrees on the Kelvin scale
32 degrees Celsius
None of the above

5. Which statement is false

Atoms in matter have no kinetic energy
The lower the Kinetic energy, the colder an object
The faster the atoms are moving, the warmer an object
None of the above

6. When you are very cold, your body no longer have any kinetic energy

May be

7. Which temperature is the coldest?

0 degree Celsius
1 degree Celsius
30 degrees Fahrenheit
31 degrees Fahrenheit

8. The temperature in your room is likely to be

60 degrees Fahrenheit
24 degrees Celsius
98 degrees Fahrenheit
20 degrees Celsius

9. The temperature of ice cream is likely to be

30 degrees Celsius.
1 degree Celsius
-24 degrees Fahrenheit.
60 degree Celsius

10. The temperature outside is 0 degree. You don't know if it is Celsius or Fahrenheit. What would you wear?

A T-shirt
A coat
A long sleeve shirt
None of the above

Score =

I strongly recommend you try your very best to complete this temperature quiz on your own. Resist the urge to see the answers. Review the lesson about temperature again. However, if you still cannot get 100% on your own, click here to see the answers.

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